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Tell us about SorenTea?
SoRen Tea is a luxury tea brand with a gourmet selection of blended loose teas. In November 2011, we launched with our Signature Collection of eight premium blends ranging from traditional to more distinctive flavors. SoRen Tea is owned by my sister, Sonnia Shields, and I. Our goal was to create an online, luxury boutique experience. SoRen Tea’s mission is to enrich lives through tea. By providing tea drinkers with an array of luxurious, natural blends, SoRen Tea aims to suit the sophisticated tea palate and capture the curious tea novice.

Where are your teas located?
Our teas are sold at the Loews Atlanta Hotel, Meringue Boutique in Virginia Highlands and through our online tea boutique,

Any pointers when hosting a tea party? Hosting a tea party does not have to be an overwhelming experience. You can host afternoon tea, or have a tea bar! We’ve been having tea tastings around the city with our tea bar concept. The guests have the opportunity to see and smell the tea leaves to determine what they want to try. A tea bar is a fun experience and encourages great guest interaction.Serve foods that pair well with the tea. We have a section on our website for tea and food pairings. For example, our green tea, Citrine Blossom is great with salads and seafood. A host should have a good variety of tea so guests have options. It’s best to serve green, white, black, and herbal or rooibos teas.Champagne is a nice touch and is often served at afternoon tea. Also, dress to impress! Guests are encouraged to dress up for a tea party; it keeps the atmosphere classy and chic!

Why is drinking tea important?
There are so many health benefits for tea and it’s such a great beverage to sip on all day without getting the caffeine jolt that you would normally get with coffee. Tea contains antioxidants, which can help slow down the aging process. Tea helps keep you hydrated and it can help lower blood pressure. It also aids your immune defenses, which is why it’s the go-to beverage when people get sick.

For a bridal shower, what teas do you suggest from your line and why?
All of our teas would be perfect for a bridal shower! They are full of flavor and people love the tea names. But our top picks would be our white tea – Cashmere Crème, black tea – Posh Noir, oolong tea – Bohemian Peach, green tea – Citrine Blossom and rooibos tea – Vanilla Rouge, which is also our only caffeine free blend. The names are fun and the brides can create a theme with them. They are also very different in flavor, giving you five different tea types. You can also serve a good variety of food when choosing these teas.

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