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I had the pleasure of attending the Etsy Weddings 2015 event last week for Bridal Market Week in New York City. For those of you who do not know, Etsy is a website where people can buy and sell handmade, vintage items, crafts and supplies. The sellers on Etsy communicate with their customers to personalize their items to fit the needs of their customers. Everything from the violinist to the delectable mimosas and crab puffs that were served made for a perfect vintage setting—completely captivated by elegance and creativity. There were many vendors at the event who sell their handmade items on There were all types of crafty wedding items, including his and her cooking aprons, stationery, décor, and even bridal gowns were showcased for guests to see.

Since Etsy is a website for handmade items, sellers work along with their customers to customize certain items they have for sell. For example, Valerie & Mak McKeehan were two chalk artists that displayed their wedding chalk art at the event. If you visit their site on Etsy, you can see they cater to printable stationery, guestbooks, and other amazing wedding chalk art designs.

One of my favorite vendors was Xristina Samira who makes wreaths, flower crowns, and centerpieces. She took the time to make me a flower crown, out of live plants and fresh herbs, and even shared with me some secrets on how to reuse the herb she twisted in my crown—Eucalyptus, as a trinket in my shower to create the feel of having a eucalyptus bath.

What I loved the most about this event was that all the vendor items could be found on Let us know what wedding décor items you're looking to purchase on Etsy. Please comment and let us know below.


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