Kareem Virgo: The Photographer With An Innovative Solution for Capturing Love

It's no secret that quarantine and social distancing has largely affected many industries, including the wedding industry, due to spring and summer weddings having to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

For Kareem Virgo, a talented wedding photographer based in south Florida, a creative idea was sparked in the quest to spread positivity during a time that has affected his business as well.   

"My wife and I thought of a crazy idea to still shoot some of our couples while we are in quarantine, and to our surprise everyone loved it!" And that's how the virtual mini-shoot was born. 

Using Face Time, Virgo says they are able to pose and direct couples just as they would during an in-person photo shoot.  After taking the pictures, he adds finishing touches by editing the images on his computer and the results are breathtaking.

"We were able to connect with our clients in a way that we haven't been able to in the past few weeks.  Some of our couples shared that the virtual photo shoot felt like a mini date night."

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Since sharing their idea on their website and on social media, the response has been overwhelming. Kareem says they currently have over 450 scheduled virtual shoots.   According to Reem Photography’s website, if you are interested in booking one of these free shoots you will have to wait until after June for any availability. 

“We would also like for people to know that even during this time in quarantine, we can all find ways to make light of the situation.  Something is only crazy until it’s done.”  

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