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One of the first things people ask you when they find out you’re engaged is, “When is the big day?” As soon as they are satisfied with the answer they quickly move on to, “So have you picked out a dress?” I am convinced that fifty-percent of the people asking this question know someone who bought a dress before they were engaged, because everyone is always shocked someone newly engaged doesn’t have a dress in the back of their closet. What about the guys? Is anyone asking the man behind the proposal if he has a suit picked out yet? From now on, let’s all turn the tables and leave the bride-to-be to pick out her dress in her time and put the pressure on the guys (yeah, yeah, I know most women want to tell the guys what to wear based on her dress).

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There may not be a zillion options for men when it comes to wedding day attire, but the right attire for the occasion is just as important as her dress. Is there really anything better than a man in a tailored suit? How about a man in a tuxedo who knows he looks good? One of my personal favorites is a linen suit that hangs perfectly and offers a subtle glimpse of an outline. Have you ever been to a summer or destination wedding and then guys entered wearing white or tan linen? It’s a beautiful thing. High five!

Over and over again, I come across pictures of outdoor weddings where men are wearing linen (or seersucker) and on their feet their wearing a clean pair of Converse. However, I love it, never gets old for me (well, it hasn’t so far). I’ve been told that I can be a bit of a “Strange Bird” (so says my husband), and I did try sway him and his guys, but they settled on seersucker and real shoes (but they did look nice).

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Would you let your guys wear Converse?

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