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So you're getting married and you're super excited about starting a new journey into holy matrimony with the love of your life. You've managed to organize every detail from the flowers to food and now the big day has finally arrived. There is just one thing missing–Your Wedding Vows! The recital of the wedding vows is the most important part of any wedding ceremony. Whether you choose to recite traditional vows or you decide to write your own personalized vows, these should be words that you remember and cherish for the rest of your life.

Writing wedding vows is no easy task, trust me I know, which is why I started Love Ink, a special occasion writing service that assists couples with finding the perfect words for their special day. So if you're currently at home battling with a horrible case of writer's block and you need help with writing your vows, you've come to the right place! Here are some of the tips and tricks that I use to help couples find the words that reflect their true love!

  • Start Early: Nothing is more stressful that trying to find the right words at the last minute. Give yourself time to reflect, reminisce and enjoy the moment. When you're calm and happy it will be reflected in the tone of your writing, so keep that in mind while writing your vows.
  • Get in the Mood: When writing your wedding vows sometimes you need a little visual aid. It helps to have a picture of your fiancé or an album of your specials moments around while you're writing. Images help to stimulate your emotions and also puts you in the perfect head space to write about your partner.
  • Get Inspired: When I'm helping couples write their vows and I'm in need of some romantic inspiration, I turn to my favorite love songs. I like listening to the classics like The Isley Brothers, Al Green and Marvin Gay. Their combined catalog of melodic masterpieces are filled with great love stories and beautiful words. Don't be afraid to use a line or two from your favorite love song to help you build on your personal vows.
  • Be Creative: If I had to guess, I'll bet that your love is no ordinary love. So why have ordinary wedding vows? This is your chance to let the love of your life know exactly how you feel and what being their life partner means to you. Don't be afraid to be romantic, comical, spiritual or eccentric. Add your own personal flavor to the words that will govern your marriage. Be true to who you are as a couple.
  • Ask for Help: What I hear most from my clients is that they know what they want to say, but they don't know how to say it. If this sounds like you, do not be ashamed to ask for help. Seek the advice of a friend or family member or hire a professional. If there is a will, there is a way. Don't give up if you get frustrated.
  • Practice: So now the hard part is done! You've written your vows, they sounds great and you're sure your sweetie is gonna shed a tear. Now all you have to do is practice. The best place to practice is in front of a full length mirror. Stand up tall, shoulders back and project your voice. It's okay if you get a little teary eyed. Take a break, breathe and pick up where you left off.

Are you having trouble writing your wedding vows? Visit me on twitter @Love_Ink for a #WeddingWednesday chat hosted by BB and Love Ink, this Wednesday May 9, noon to 1 p.m.! Just ask your question and make sure to include the hashtag #BBWedVowChat and I will answer your questions live on twitter. If you miss our twitter chat, send your questions to [email protected].

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