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4 Different Ways You Can Arrange Your First Touch On The Big Day

By C. Spinks

For the most part, couples like to capture as many professional photos as they can before the wedding ceremony, but some also don’t want to see each other until they arrive at the altar. This is why you should consider incorporating a “First Touch” in your wedding day photo session. It’s a great way to capture intimate shots of you and your mate while still waiting for the big reveal. Here are some suggestions on how to capture this moment for your big day.

1. Use A Wall Or Pillar

Ask your photographer to find an intersection of a wall or a similar space in your venue, whether it be a pillar or banister. This way, you and your mate can easily join hands without seeing each other. Some may use this photo opportunity to pray together or have someone pray over their union while a photographer captures it all. 

2. Use Both Sides Of A Door

Standing on either side of a door is also a great way to capture a first touch. This could be a great way to exchange gifts with your partner or some have even thrown back a quick shot together to relieve nerves. Can’t you just feel the love and anticipation in this photo?

3. Use A Blindfold

Using blindfolds can make for a very intimate pre-ceremony couple photo. This photo captures every bit of emotion and love between this couple, including flirtation and anticipation. 

4. Stand Back-to-Back

Lastly, standing back-to-back with your mate can provide fun shots. But just be sure your photographer or wedding party supports you in coordinating this photo setup because a single misstep or error in timing can ruin the reveal. 

Are you planning on having a first touch? Or do you prefer going modern with a first look? Let us know in the comments below!


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