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Get Personal With Your Groom and Groomsmen Gifts

When it comes to selecting the perfect gift for your groom, groomsmen, dads and grandpas, nothing says “I thought of you,” like a personalized gift. Wedding party gifts can be tricky, but Swanky Badger makes choosing the perfect gift easy!   You’ll find personalized gifts for men that carry true meaning and heart, making for a truly special moment between the gifter and recipient. 

The Personalized Whiskey Decanter Sets are a perfect example of a Wedding Party Gift that stands the test of time. Personalized not only with a name or initials, but with the option of up to 30 words of a personal message on the back, it’s a unique and classy way to communicate your gratitude to someone who has been there for you every step of the way.

Here are two rules to consider when selecting the perfect gift for your groom or groomsmen:

1. Make it Personal – There’s nothing cooler than receiving an unexpected gift that’s made just for you. Seeing their name or a personal message on an already awesome item makes for a special moment between you and your recipient 

2. Make it Enduring – If you’re going to give a unique gift, make it something that they can continue to use once the festivities have subsided. Give them something that fits with your wedding theme, and it will be cool for a couple of hours, but give them something they’re able to keep using, and it’ll be cherished for years to come.

Mark Hanratty started Swanky Badger right after his wedding in 2014, after happening upon the need for some thoughtfully designed, personalized gifts for his Groomsmen. He has gone on to grow Swanky Badger into a go-to place for manly and meaningful personalized gifts for all occasions. Be sure to visit for unique and thoughtful gifts for the special men in your life.

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