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Southern Fairytale: A Wedding in Madison, MS

Allea and Will were high school sweethearts who met in 2010. He was the basketball jock and she was the shy freshman. Allea shares more about the beginning of their love story:

“I would pass by him every morning going to class but never paid him any mind. He found out my cousin was dating one of his friends and told my cousin that he wanted to talk to me. It was the end of the school year so I figured we’re about to get out for summer break, and he won’t remember me. One day over the break my cousin told me that Will and his friend were about to come over. I immediately started sweating, getting so nervous. Our first time meeting was also our first date out together. Days went by and the more we talked, the more I was falling for him.”

The two made their relationship official during the summer of 2010 and recently became husband and wife. Get inspired by the details of their fairytale wedding captured by Bryan McKenny

Bride: Allea Alexis Sheriff, 27, School Teacher 

Groom: Will T Sheriff Jr., 28, UPS driver 

Photography by: Bryan McKenny

Place of residence: Jackson, MS 

Wedding date: September 17,2022 

Wedding location: Bridlewood of Madison Madison, MS 

Wedding theme/motif/inspiration: Vintage Cinderella


Briefly tell us about your wedding experience and how the both of you felt on your big day. Include your most memorable moment. 

Our theme for the wedding was Vintage Cinderella and boy did I live out my own Cinderella story during our wedding process. I got in contact with a local bridal dress designer to design my dress and the dresses for my entire wedding party. Every time we were scheduled to have a fitting it got pushed back. The week of the wedding I had not seen my dress or any of the girls’ dresses. I started to gain stress weight and considered changing our wedding date. Finally, I received my dress the week of the wedding but no veil or any of the accessories I paid for. Then I had to go to three different stores to find the dresses for the bridesmaids. 

The day of the wedding was EVERYTHING! The most memorable thing was how confident, ready, and sure of how my husband was during the entire wedding planning experience. 

Wedding song, explain choice for song: 

Our wedding song was “Perfect Duet” by Ed Sherran and Beyoncé. This song described  us so well because we were just kids when we fell in love and although we dated for 12 years our love is still so strong.

 What are you most looking forward to as a married couple?

We are most looking forward to growing our own family and traveling the world with them. 


Congratulations to the happy couple! We wish them many years of wedded bliss.

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