From Friendship to Forever: A Luxe Glam Wedding in Ottawa, Ontario

When Tolu’s friend Mfon, organized a game night in 2018 little did Tomi and Tolu know it would change everything. For Tomi, the chance encounter with Tolu sparked a connection that couldn’t be ignored. Tolu’s subtle charm and persistence won her over, leading to their first date and the rest is history. Cheers to the unexpected beginnings that lead to beautiful journeys, and friends who play a role in bringing love together. Get inspired by their luxe wedding day celebration, captured by Ziggy on the Lens and planned by Oruka Events.

Bride: Tomi Banjo – Project Manager

Groom: Tolu Orebanjo – Project Manager

Photography By: Ziggy Ekekwe

Place of Residence: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Wedding Date: August 26, 2023

Wedding Location: Ottawa Conference and Event Centre 

Wedding Theme/Motif/Inspiration: Classy

Honeymoon Destination:  Hawaii


Engagement Story

I had known since the beginning of 2022 that I wanted to ask this beautiful woman to be my wife, but surprising Tomi is quite difficult. Every time I thought I had the perfect moment to propose, something always came up.

Tomi had been struggling with work for a while, juggling so many responsibilities that it was draining her. One week, it got particularly tough, and I felt awful seeing her so stressed. I decided it was the right moment to ask her to marry me.

I gathered some close friends of ours, unbeknownst to Tomi, and on August 6th, 2022, I asked Tomi to spend the rest of her life with me, and she said yes!

Briefly tell us about your wedding experience and how the both of you felt on your big day. 

Our wedding experience was amazing; from the moment I woke up, I felt sheer happiness. Seeing everyone come together, from the church to the reception, added to my joy. Our main goal was to ensure our guests had an incredible experience. We wanted a wedding where family and friends were engaged in every moment. We had everything from Polaroid photo station, caricatures, and 360 cameras, and what’s a Nigerian wedding without an epic afterparty?! There were no dull moments.

As a novice in wedding planning, I found the process stressful. However, with Oruka Events’ help, everything became easier. Seeing months of planning come together made me realize the effort was worthwhile. I had envisioned the wedding I wanted, and it became a reality. I have no regrets about my big day; every moment felt like a movie, and I savored every bit of it.

Wedding song, and the significance of the song: 

Chiké’s “Roju”– It was a meaningful addition to my wedding. While I have always been drawn to Igbo culture, including their songs, and wedding traditions, marrying a Yoruba man made me cherish our cultural fusion even more. Incorporating an Igbo song like “Roju” that symbolizes our love was a beautiful moment on my wedding day.


Congratulations to the happy couple! We wish them many years of wedded bliss.

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