A Vibrant Tale of Love – A Dual Celebration of Nigerian Tradition and Western Elegance

Maudlyn and Daniel were introduced through a mutual friend and sparks flew immediately. Their courtship lasted only a few short months before Daniel popped the question, asking the future Mrs. Ossai to join him in holy matrimony.

When asked by the planning team at Hinesmark Affairs to describe her dream wedding experience, Maudlyn expressed her desire for a luxurious and glamorous wedding that would leave a lasting impression on her guests. The extravagant wedding festivities included “Zuofa Bridal Week” with Parisian-inspired decor, a surprise Soca shower, a Nigerian luncheon, and a henna night.

Both the traditional wedding and white wedding day featured elaborate designs, colors, and entertainment, with Mr. Freddie Jackson performing at the ceremony. Every detail, from custom monograms to color-coordinated adornments, was meticulously planned by Hinesmark Affairs to create a regal celebration. The lovely couple’s weddings, captured by Team Notaro Photography, held true to their hashtag: #FabulousOssai.

Bride: Maudlyn Zuofa-Ossai

Groom: Daniel Ossai

Photographer: Team Notaro Photography

Event Planner: Hinesmark Affairs

Wedding Date: Traditional Nigerian (Niger Delta Region) Wedding and White Wedding were December 21, 2023 and December 22, 2023, respectively.

White Wedding

The couple’s nuptials on the white wedding day (the westernized approach to wedding tradition) were filled with a completely refreshed design, palette of colors, cuisine and entertainment. None other than Mr. Freddie Jackson sang Daniel and Maudlyn’s entire processional for the continuation of the regal festivities during the ceremony.

OssaiWedding 1 of 4_Team Notaro_Hinesmark Affairs
OssaiWedding_AE209933-Enhanced-NR_Team Notaro_Hinesmark Affairs
OssaiWedding_1P4A3130-Edit_Team Notaro_Hinesmark Affairs
OssaiWedding_sand ceremony_Team Notaro_Hinesmark Affairs
OssaiWedding_Prayer_Team Notaro_Hinesmark Affairs
OssaiWedding_AE103504_Team Notaro_Hinesmark Affairs
OssaiWedding_AE103511_Team Notaro_Hinesmark Affairs
OssaiWedding_AE200263_Team Notaro_Hinesmark Affairs
OssaiWedding_1P4A3383-Enhanced-NR_Team Notaro_Hinesmark Affairs
OssaiWedding_AE200543-Enhanced-NR-Edit_Team Notaro_Hinesmark Affairs
OssaiWedding_AE103982-Enhanced-NR-Edit_Team Notaro_Hinesmark Affairs

Traditional Nigerian Wedding

The traditional wedding welcomed guests from the far reaches of Lagos to Paris and London. Guests were welcomed in true Nigerian culture with an additional flair for luxury in the event design and gifts bestowed.

OssaiWedding 1 of 1-6_Team Notaro_Hinesmark Affairs
OssaiWedding_IMG_1129_Team Notaro_Hinesmark Affairs
OssaiWedding 1 of 1-45_Team Notaro_Hinesmark Affairs
OssaiWedding 1 of 23-2_Team Notaro_Hinesmark Affairs
OssaiWedding_AE208829_Team Notaro_Hinesmark Affairs
OssaiWedding_AE200297_Team Notaro_Hinesmark Affairs
OssaiWedding 1 of 1-3_Team Notaro_Hinesmark Affairs
OssaiWedding 1 of 1-7_Team Notaro_Hinesmark Affairs
OssaiWedding_AE209815-Enhanced-NR_Team Notaro_Hinesmark Affairs
OssaiWedding 1 of 1-9_Team Notaro_Hinesmark Affairs
OssaiWedding_IMG_1382_Team Notaro_Hinesmark Affairs

Traditional Wedding Videography by Paradigm Film, LLC

White Wedding Videography by Paradigm Film, LLC

Congratulations to the happy couple! We wish them many years of wedded bliss.

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