5 tips for the best fitting wedding dress

The day has finally come to go dress shopping. For us ladies this is either the most exciting time ever or one of those dreaded chores that have to be done like laundry or cleaning toilets. Regardless of your sentiments towards shopping for your gorgeous gown lets make sure it is flawless for you and fits to perfection. Here are five tips to achieve the best fitting wedding dress possible!

1. Undergarments: Although undergarments are worn under your gown obviously not having the correct ones will most certainly show on the outside. Making sure to have the proper bra , supporting waist cinchers, bustiers and underwear will make ALL the difference in your dress fitting properly. Not only is it important for you to have these undergarments for your wedding day it is also essential that you wear the same undergarments for your fitting. Switching it up can make a huge difference in the fit of your gown. especially for those brides-to be who are choosing to be strapless for the day. Make sure you are glam above & below for the big day!

2. Picking a dress that is flattering to your body type: Ladies, lets make it easier for ourselves. If you have to do a lot of  "sucking in" and "tucking in"to feel comfortable in your gown chances are the shape of the dress is not whats best for your body type. Choose something that is naturally flattering and rely on alterations to do the rest. But keep in mind that alterations and undergarments can only do so much.

3. Be prepared for Alterations: Believe it or not you need more then your gorgeous face and your gown for your alterations to make sure your appointment goes smoothly. When attending your alterations appointment bring the undergarments you plan to wear on your wedding day, your wedding day shoes or heel very similar in height and clothes that are easy to get in and out of. Wear waterproof make-up, and stay away from jewelry that can easily snag your gown, veil or undergarments with wholes that may not be repairable my your seamstress. Remembering these tips will help keep you on track  to a perfect fit.

4. Alterations: Yes, being prepared for alterations is VERY important but actually getting them is even more essential. If you are one of those lucky brides whose dress zips perfectly, you have no back spillage and it fits all your curves amazingly you still need alterations. Chances are the dress is too long, needs a bustle or a zipper to be reinforced. Make sure you at least have a seamstress lay an eye on you in your gown before walking down the aisle. Often times there are little things they can do to make the dress more comfortable, to make sure its not sliding down as you dance the night away and to make the fit even more magnificent.

5. LOVE IT: Confidence is the key to those glowing brides we see gracing the covers of Black Bride Magazine. Choose a dress that you love that fits your body type, theme and time(season and hour) of your wedding. Do not get bogged down in trying to please all eight bridesmaids, four aunts and sixteen cousins. Be happy with your choice and love the skin your in. After all you it's is your special.

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Were these tips helpful? Will you be better prepared for your wedding day and an even more amazing gown? Do you have any tricks to making sure your garments fit perfectly?

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