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We got the chance to catch up with Sade Awe, the president and founder of The Bridal Circle, a one- stop-shop for brides and grooms looking for vendors who can provide a luxury wedding experience. Sade's  impressive background as an Enterprise Resource Planner and IT Executive for Fortune 500 companies, coupled with her exquisite eye for elegance and passion for all things luxury, has led her to create one of the most innovative concepts in the luxury wedding industry -The Bridal Circle. We got a chance to speak one- on- one with the Luxury Wedding Queen, who specializes in "bringing the very best luxury global leaders to one place for the bride, making it just a few fingertips away."

Full Name: Sade Awe

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Current location: Dallas, TX

Specialty: IT Junkie, and Luxury Concierge For The Discerning Bride


1. Tell us about The Bridal Circle

The Bridal Circle (TBC) is an online global community that showcases a collection of the exclusive vendors when it comes to exclusive weddings. It was created for the world's most discerning luxury brides connecting them on a global level to a handful of carefully chosen specialists in the wedding industry. TBC is not an advertising opportunity; it is a community with far reaching benefits offering personal connections.


2. What kind of services do you offer?

The Bridal Circle concept is simple.  We serve as ambassadors for brides who dream of working with leading creative experts in the wedding industry.  We aim to give the luxury bride everything she needs in one place.  All the information, creative ideas, experts are in one centralized location that they can trust!


3. What kind of Bride uses The Bridal Circle services?

The Bridal Circle bride is a discerning woman, who  knows what she wants. The bride wants to have the very best, and will not settle for anything less than that. She is educated, well traveled and loves the finer things in life.


 4. How do you go about selecting wedding vendors to be a member of The Bridal Circle ?

We select our Creative Partners based on service delivered, experience in the luxury sector and exemplary and unique offerings provided for the discerning bride.


5. What makes your services different from other companies who specialize in luxury weddings?

The Bridal Circle is an exclusive partnership and we adhere to a strict vetting process by highly credentialed panel of experts in the luxury field.


6. What is your favorite part about what you do?

I would have to say helping the bride with whatever she may need. I enjoy seeing the joy that they get when they fall in love with elements of the creation of their dream wedding.  I’m pleased to provide ideas and experts that will help them achieve this.

If you would like more information on The Bridal Circle, you can reach Sade via email at [email protected] or visit the website for more information at








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