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Posted on November 6, 2012 by Dr. Taffy

You’re dreaming about the big day. You and your fiancé are meeting with caterers, photographers, florists and various venues. At many of these meetings, once you’ve decided who you are using you will be required to leave a deposit. You will have comfort in knowing that your venue has been secured for the specific date you chose, the florists and even the photographer. What happens if there is a sudden weather storm that causes your venue to close down two weeks prior to your wedding? What do you do?

Never fear, this is one of the reasons you should have wedding insurance. What is wedding insurance? Just like it sounds, it is there to protect a couple’s investment against circumstances beyond their control and reimburses expenses already incurred. Maybe you have read about wedding dress shops going out of business before brides weddings and they have lost their deposit or even a reception space going out of business several weeks prior to the big day, you lose your deposit and have to book another space.

Granted purchasing wedding insurance is a personal decision. Sure, it may add an additional cost to your ever growing wedding budget; however this is one of those INVESTMENTS that may save you in the long run as well. A basic policy costs between $125 to $500 dollars. Let the homework begin and make an informed decision based on the size of your wedding and what you seek to cover. One company that you should check with isWedSafe. They’ve been protecting couples’ special day since 1999 and is the top wedding insurer in the United States.

Some of the items that are typically covered in wedding insurance are location, missing vendors, weather, illness or injury. You want to make sure to read the fine print and ensure these items are covered because it may differ based on who the carrier is. They may also offer other riders when it comes to military service, gowns or even tuxedos. Let’s keep it real, there have been strange weather patterns for the last several years and the economy is not only affecting individuals but also businesses. A change of heart is not generally covered under these policies.

Take this time to do the research and have some peace of mind when it comes to your wedding. Feel free to leave your thoughts and questions here, we are happy to assist you.

Article source: Black Bride Financial Educator, Dr. Taffy Wagner

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