Meatless Monday –

Are you feeling sluggish?

Are you having a hard time focusing?

Like millions of Americans, you probably woke up this morning with the feeling you gained 10 pounds over the weekend. Many of you swore you were going to eat salad and drink smoothies all week, in an attempt to balance out all of grandma's macaroni and cheese and your mom's sweet potato pie. It is hard to say no to fried turkey and green bean casserole, especially when it tastes like it was made with love and magic. The holidays can be good for your soul, but hard on your waistline. Next to no one wants to skip family dinners and holiday parties, so it's up to each individual to find the balance that works best for them. One suggestion: Meatless Mondays.

"Somebody has a case of the Mondays."

Monday's do not typically get the same respect as the other days in the week. Generally we dread Monday mornings, because that means our weekend is over and the work week has begun. Why not introduce Meatless Monday on the day you wake up slow, drag through work, and come home to sit on the couch to relax. Meatless Monday gives your body the day off from breaking down food and saves you time in the kitchen when it's time to think about dinner. Naturally, there are meatless recipes that could take some time in the kitchen, and if you choose to explore those options…Kudos to you! However, if you're looking to take a night off from the holiday meals, breeze through the kitchen, and allow yourself more time to browse the internet or watch TV, consider a quick tasty salad or pasta with steamed vegetables.

According to a King Institute Health news update, red meat can take anywhere between 24 to 72 hours to digest. That's a long time! All of that energy your body is using to digest meat is draining you, and most likely you didn't think to link it to the steak or hamburger you ate two days ago. There is good reason why the Monday after Thanksgiving is so difficult, sure we miss the long weekend and the laughs we had with our families, but our bodies could very well still be processing all the leftovers we snacked on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and possibly on Monday if Granny sent you home with tupperware.

What is one day a week without meat? You may find that you actually like some of the foods you normally eat more without the meat. Exploring meatless recipes and menu items can be fun, and if you make the decision to try some of the healthier meatless options, it might keep you from looking like Old St. NIck in the new year!

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