Garden of Elegance: A Vow Renewal in Annapolis, MD

Nicole and James’ love story began when they were young professionals working in the pharmaceutical industry. Their pathways crossed over a printer on fire! After starting their courting season with the intention of being married, the two had many long phone conversations before making the decision to begin dating. Three months later, James proposed at Harbor Court Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland, overlooking the water. One year later, Nicole and James walked down the aisle and committed our love before God and each other.

Fast forward ten years later, their love has grown exponentially by honoring God and honoring one another daily. We decided on a 10-year wedding celebration to show our three children, family, and friends the importance of a thriving black millennial union.  The venue was the Lightbox Studio in Annapolis, Maryland.  A calm city with a rich history that sits on the edge of the Chesapeake Bay. A big part of the design aesthetic is the 10ft Cherry Blossom Tree!!  The gentle giant commands a room from any angle. 

Wedding Designer, Kelisha Obua – Owner of Perfectly Adorned Event Decor envisioned the tree as a symbol of The Ford’s marriage.  James and Nicole are the roots of this family that has produced fruitful vines that includes their children, their successful careers, and the blessings they continue to pour into others. Read more of their love story and see more from their celebration of love captured by  3lindvision Photography!

Wife: Nicole Ford

Husband: James Ford, III

Original Wedding Date: March 31, 2012

Vow Renewal Date: March 23, 2022

Photographer: Shaka Watson of 3lindvision Photography

What makes your love special?

Our secret to a successful marriage has been constant and consistent; pray daily, laugh often, and love more.

Décor Details:

The Lightbox Studio is a lovely white space where design dreams are endless.  The tree is surrounded by a luxury circular table design where their close-knit circle of family and friends gathered to break bread.  These are the people who have been an important factor in the success of their marriage throughout the years.  Kelisha wanted the guests to feel as if they were seated in a beautiful garden that is elegant, graceful, and whimsical.  The ambiance of the room would have you lost in all the details from the ring of table flowers, embroidered gold plated tableware, a lush floral sofa, and a gold backdrop frame adorned with flowers!  The green and white palettes were chosen to evoke emotions of harmony, growth, and balance – things needed in a successful marriage recipe. 


Congratulations to the happy couple on such a milestone! We wish them many more years of wedded bliss!

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